The Eupan Global Initiative

Eupan - pronounced "you-pan."

Who are we?

The Eupan Global Initiative (EGI) is a consortium of like minded individuals who act and work to benefit others so that the "good" is extended to "all."  Eu is the Greek root for "good" and pan is the Greek root for "all."  In this way, eupan means literally "good [for] all."

We advocate and educate about numerous issues - from the most urgent current events - to historic, systemic issues which have blighted "the good" in the world.

The Eupan Global Initiative (EGI) is open to all persons whose goal, endeavor, purpose, & vocation is to find ways to establish and maintain "goodness" for "all" in the world - all living beings & the creation that sustains life.

Partners with the Eupan Global Initiative work to educate & enculturate persons to better understand issues of peace, love, stewardship, justice in a world that is fractured by violence, pollution, hatred, strife, and exploitation.

Follow our blog for updates on activities and events, currently centered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!


Toward eupan - the Good for All

Working to extend peace.

Working to end that which plagues & plights our world:  violence, destruction, exploitation, environmental oppression, enslavement, abuse, war, terror, & genocide.


Our History:

The Eupan Global Initiative (EGI) was founded by like-minded persons who have been enculturated in North America in Christian churches.   

Our foundation though does not limit our partnerships and friendships. 

Our consortium includes persons of diverse ethnic, cultural, national, political, educational, professional and religious status.  

Eupan:  We have chosen Greek etymology because it connects with Christian concerns for Good News.  While the words are Greek, the root ideas are specifically and intentionally Hebraic or Jewish.  The story of Creation in the Jewish and Christian Scripture (Genesis 1) describes how Creator creates creation so that all of it  - in its vast array  -  is described as "good, good, good, good . . . very good."  We will work to make our world "good."